Văn phòng ảo quận 3 Full serviced office with incredibly low price at  eSmart!
You want:
- Expand business into local area as representation office
- Have a business address in central HCM to easily deal with clients.
- Have a professional working office at super low cost
- Use fully equip meeting room to support your presentation with clients 

They are all included in our service and we also offer extra- ordinary functions to smooth your business performance such as: Professional receptionist, prepare & print all necessary documents... All you need is hire a working desk.

Private Prestigious cubicle
Personal working space is designed relying on our customer's demand, separated but still united as one big corporation. Big image can create lots of different impressions to your clients.
Fully equipped:  Printing, fax, photocopy machine...
Free billing cost: electricity, air conditioner, drink, IT support...

Văn phòng ảo eSmart
Convenient & comfortable guess lounge.
Warming up your guess - meeting. Or when you are away from the office, receptionists can welcome and handle your clients until you come back.
Văn phòng ảo eSmart
Professional receptionist
Beyond the limit of Professional, our receptionists are yours in order to fulfill all your requirements to represent basic needs of your company image. They are flexible to acquire new skills and knowledge to fit well with your company situation.
Văn phòng ảo eSmart
Private office with full equiped office machines
You can also use a private office or private cubicles at the business center of your choice. 
Văn phòng ảo eSmart
Professional meeting room
Fully equipped meeting room can contain up to 10 people in FREE.
Extraordinary service for FREE:  
English translator, secretary to support your meetings.
Văn phòng ảo eSmart
Pay 1 get 2
You can use any addresses on District 1 or District 3 which are convenient for your business transactions. We commit to offer the best and same service to ensure your success.
Văn phòng ảo eSmart
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